Net Pens

All the netting is polyamide nylon knotless, produced in our facilities with Super-knot technology to secure 25-30% higher break-strength than conventional netting. The mounting is to specifications above those set by DNV for fish-farms in off-shore sites. In addition to our standard net-pens manufactured in our factory in Norway, we also deliver hand-mounted net-pens from our production facility in China. This product has a stitching quality and craftsmanship that is not attainable in Europe. The production quality is strictly controlled and monitored by our supervisors.

The netting is hand-stitched to the reinforcement ropes  with a non-lip knot on every mesh of the net.

As additional reinforcement and protection against abrasion, a double netting panel is applied at float-line level and at the base of the cylindrical section, along the whole perimeter of the net-pens.



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