Refa was founded in 1949, and soon dominated the production and supply of fishing gear in Norway.

Today Refa has expanded into the fish farming industry and other markets beyond the fishing industry.

Export of fish-farming and fishery technology has become an increasing part of the business..

Refa has long experience and knowledge of materials and technology in rope and net production, constantly investing in the development of its technical expertise.

Refa has been producing nets for over 50 years. With our own production of thread and net, we have complete control on quality from the raw material up to the finished product.

HDPE POLYMERS: Sapphire aquaculture netting.

Sapphire netting is manufactured from Specialized HDPE Polymers to enhance durability and strength.

Its compact twine construction restricts the penetration of mud and fouling organisms.  The smooth finish provides minimum drag resistance, discourages the attachment of marine life,  and allows for easier washing of the net.


The ultimate resistance in time of aquaculture nets is achieved through the combination of two key attributes:

-   Knot breaking strength,

-   Twine Abrasion resistance.

In demanding exploitation conditions nets tend to fail in the knots and through  abrasion, rather than by breakage of the twine itself.


Sapphire is the result of 6 years of R & D effort combined with testing in demanding fisheries and aquaculture applications.  In Aquaculture it is most used for the cultivation of Tunas and biting fishes such as Cod and Sea bream.


For Tuna cages, a 3,8 mm Sapphire twine in 80mm Half-mesh (b.s. 440 kgf) is a popular and cost-effective alternative to nylon.  Its reduced drag resistance makes it ideal for towing cages that translates into immediate speed increase and 20% lower fuel consumption.

For sea bream and sea bass 1,2 – 1,7 mm Sapphire twine in 20 – 26 mm Half-mesh is preferred where strength & resistance to rough handling are imperative, combined with reduced bio-fouling.

Twisted Sapphire in twine 1,2 – 1,7 mm is also favoured for anti-bird protection nets, with mesh  sizes of typically 80 – 120 mm.

All our cage nets can be mounted to your specific requirements, in addition to our high standards that exceed DNV & NS-9415 norms for off-shore fish farms. 

With a rigid fiber core.

Impregnated with resins: smooth.  

Excellent Abrasion & Cut resistance.

High stiffness : excellent cage shape keeping.







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