01-11-2018  End October 2018 a devastating storm event along the Northern coast of Italy has claimed lives and also destroyed the harbour of Rapallo. Of the 5 ...

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REFAMED speaking at the Offshore Mariculture Corfu- Greece October 2018

18-10-2018  https://www.offshoremariculture.com/europe

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REFAMED speaking at the Offshore Mariculture Asia - Singapore May 2018

20-05-2018  http://www.offshoremariculture.com/asia Setting up and Operating an Open-Sea Fish Farm  

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Offshore Mariculture Conference, 6-10 March Baja California, Mexico.

06-02-2017  Darko Lisac Delegate Speaker:   Pioneering Open-Sea Farming in Greece: Holy Monastery of Vatopedi, Mount Athos. ABSTRACT Case study ...

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Refa Med carries out a Site Investigation at Chabahar, IRAN.

13-03-2016  Refamed carries out a site investigation at Chabahar, Iran.   Local authorities, interested on developing sustainable fish farming ...

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FAO open-sea cage project in the Gaza Strip.

24-10-2015  A mission to the Strip of Gaza was performed by Darko Lisac in October to analyse and evaluate the conditions for setting up a pilot TLC farm ...

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New TLC farm established in Greece: Holy Monastery of Vatopedi.

17-09-2015  Four grow-out and nursery Refa Tension Leg Cages, complete with a harvest transfer cage and signal buoys, have been delivered and installed during ...

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12 cage mooring system in North West Sardinia.

14-07-2015  Open-sea system solution with reduced metal hardware components delivered and installed in Stintino for the expansion of Palma d’Oro farm.

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Iranian investors visit Refa Med farms in Italy.

07-05-2015  The interest on Refa Med Technology lead a group of investors from Iran to visit two grow-out farms in Sardinia and another in Manfredonia ...

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Refa Med delivers new fish farms in Adriatic Sea.

22-03-2015  Refa Med partners with MarAqua for servicing fish farm deliveries to clients, resulting in delivery and installation of more than 50 floating cages ...

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Refa Med beneficiary of the SME instrument (HORIZON 2020)

10-01-2015  REFA MED BENEFICIARY OF THE SME INSTRUMENT (HORIZON 2020): "SubCage - Submersible Tension Leg Fish Cage for Mariculture in Unsheltered ...

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REFA MED Polyethylene Feed Boat

24-05-2012  Sea-worthy, robust,  unsinkable. Constructed for hard working conditions.   Technical ...

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