Studies & Project


On the basis of intentions provided by Ministry and Industry representatives during their tour of aquaculture and fisheries activities in Norway (November 2000), data and information collected by Refa aquaculture expert during first preliminary trip to Iran (December 2000), and the conclusion from meetings between Mr. Roger Konradsen (Refa Holding as) and Mr. Jalali, Dr. Hassan Salehi (Directors of Shilat)and Iranian Experts, the intentions and potentials of Sea Cage Culture Development in Iran were put forward.


The target for the cage culture production in Iran was is set to 100’000 tons of marine fish in a 5- year period and 300’000 tons in a 10 - year period in Caspian sea, Persian Gulf and Oman Sea. 


“Refa Holding as” was chosen as the consultant to carry out a study on this subject, to serve as an initial guide.  A contract was signed between the Iranian Fisheries, represented by Mr. Ali Reza Nourbakhsh and “Refa Holding as” represented by Mr. Roger Konradsen on 21st  Jan. 2001 .

The Goverment of the Syrian Arab Republic through its Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform (MAAR), and the Food Agriculture Organization of the UNited Nations through tis Technical Cooperation Programme are engaged since March 1995 in the implementation of the project "Assistance to Artisanal Fisheries=.

The objectives of the project are:

  • to optimize the utilization of the presently exploited marine and freshwater stocks and the marketing, distribution and consumption of stocks that are underutilized; and
  • to provide independent advice on measures to optimize the human resources available to the Department of Fisheries (DOP) in order to meet the requirements of the fishing industry and the Goverment. 

As part of the project operation, FAO assigned Mr. D. Lisac as consultant in Marine Aquaculture from 27 March to 26 April 1996.