Offshore Mariculture Conference, 6-10 March Baja California, Mexico.

Darko Lisac Delegate Speaker:


Pioneering Open-Sea Farming in Greece: Holy Monastery of Vatopedi, Mount Athos.


Case study covering all the steps in the setting-up and operation of a simple 4-cage open sea farm: from the design and installation works in July 2015, to the first fish harvests in autumn 2016. 

The Monastery of Vatopedi is located on the north-eastern slopes of the Holy Mountain of Athos, a peninsula governed by Orthodox Christian monks for the past 12 centuries.  The Coastline and seafloor are extremely steep, with full exposure to the North and East quadrant up to Turkey. These conditions do not allow the application of conventional floating cage systems.

We illustrate the challenges which the monks faced to implement their vision of farming fish in this remote location and the key actions taken to successfully manage and carry out this project.