REFA MED partner in Sub-Fish Cage project (2006)

The SubFishCage is based on the development and design already performed in Norway. The fish cage system will be cost-effective compared to today's technology and will have an effective volume of up to 15.000 m. The technology developed in this project will function as a "normal" fish farming installation in the surface mode, but can be submersed to a water depth of 20 meters in order to meet potential threats such as bad weather conditions, algae invasions and pollution in the surface layer of the water (f.ex. oil spills).

The submersible fish cage is connected to a central point of ancorage by a craw foot connection and will be able to freely rotate around this central pint of anchorage. Hence this system can be used in water depth of several hundred meters differentiating our technology from today's use of tension bars to pull down the fish cage. The buoyancy control will be integrated in the floating ring of the fish cage. In the submersed mode only a few buoys will be on the surface and hence the majority of the installation will not be exposed to the high energy that waves represent or other "threats" in the surface layer of the water masses.